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Read First Member Conduct

Discussion in 'Join the Community' started by Woody, May 3, 2012.

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  1. Woody

    Woody Administrator Founder

    Please make sure you read and abide by the agreement below

    Terms of Agreement:

    1. Be active in our servers and forums (Inactivity will result in removal from the community)
    2. Respect all members and players (You will receive one warning, after that you will be removed from the community)
    3. Follow the rules of the respective server (Being in the community does not exempt you from the server rules)
    4. Trolling other clans, servers, or communities will result in the immediate loss of your tag (Depending on the severity it could also include a perm ban)
    5. Our tag will be worn before all other tags (You may not be in multiple clans)

    If you break the agreement above you are subject to punishment and under severe circumstances removal from the community
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