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Read First Admin Guidelines

Discussion in 'Admin Applications' started by Woody, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. Woody

    Woody Administrator Founder

    To apply for admin you must first be a member of the community, you will receive an error when applying for admin if you aren't a member

    Advice and Guidelines

    Your Job
    Your job as an admin is to help the server run smoothly. All players in the server don't always get along. When you have people from everywhere playing, there's bound to be disagreements and put downs on both sides. Sometimes real pissing matches, but you know what, most times it all works out. As an admin you are there to oversee and let the game flow. You are there just in case things do get out of hand. Cheaters, mic spammers, etc. You are not here to deny help just because someone is too young or too good. You should be setting an example and following rules to a T. If our admins don't, why the hell should the players?

    Common Sense
    You cannot rely on players just saying someone is doing something wrong. You can not do anything unless you personally see it. Just like if someone is new to the server, direct them to the rules. You are here to help primarily, not to use your powers. Largely being a - VG - Admin is down to discretion and common sense. If you think what you are doing is right and correct then you are doing your job well and properly. We won't tolerate Admins who deliberately seek trouble and excuses to use their powers, or to use their powers for the wrong reasons.

    You are an admin. It is your job and duty to keep the server running smoothly. Do not ignore warnings but only act on what you can see. You are on call whenever you are online - if someone says to you "Hacker on ZM" - go there and sort it!

    Don't slap for the hell of it. That means don't excessively slap yourself or others, it spams the admin logs and will piss Woody off. Don't swap teams needlessly, don't change map because you don't like it. Don't mute just because your losing a debate, or you can't take an argument. Everything you do MUST have a reason.

    Hackers and Persistent Rule Breakers
    As you should know, we discourage banning for long lengths of time in the clan. This is to give any player a second chance and keep our server populated. Obviously in certain cases (such as hackers and/or persistent rule breakers and abusers) you need to get rid of them for longer amounts of time. Feel free to check our ban page to see if the player has been banned before, if you ban a player for a long period of time that has not been banned before the players ban sentence will most likely be reduced. If you have given warnings and kicked, then go ahead and ban.

    Other Admins
    Admins have their own chat. Disputing actions should take place in admin chat or preferably on Team Speak 3, this is not for players to see therefore they cannot judge. If another Admin has punished you for breaking rules (whether or not you did) you must NOT under any circumstances retaliate. Take the dispute to a founder who will deal with it. Retaliation will incriminate you whether or not you were in the wrong.

    Map Changing
    If there are other admins on the server, consult with them immediately before changing maps. If you are the only admin on the server, map changes should only occur when there are less than 5 minute remaining before the end of the map. It is not proper to simply change maps if you do not like the choice. It is best to have the players RTV the map if you want it changed immediately.

    Dealing Out Punishments

    Structure for Punishments
    The basic actions to follow as an admin when dealing with a rule breaker should be:
    1. WARN THROUGH ADMIN CHAT (Yelling on the mic DOES NOT count)
    2. Make sure you did step one. Dealing out punishments without warning in admin chat will be seen as admin abuse.
    3. Mute/Slap/Slay (To get their attention)
    4. Kick
    5. Final warning and another kick or slay
    6. Ban
    - 1st Bans range from 10 mins - 1 hour
    - 2nd Bans range from 1 hour - 1 day
    - 3rd Bans range from 1 day - 1 week
    - They will most likely be perm banned by gotcha or myself after this

    This is just a guide and can be changed as required dependent on circumstances, but please make sure you ALWAYS follow rules #1.

    Chat or Mic Spam (Muting & Gagging)
    We do not ban for chat or mic spam. For any mic or chat spam please use comm commands and issue and extended mute or gag after a warning. Muting should be used if someone has a bad mic and is causing discomfort among players or is chatting rubbish or in a language other than English. If people are playing music and people are not complaining, fine, if anyone complains, ask them to stop then mute. Gagging is not a problem normally, Floodcheck will stop most chat spam. But if it is advertising or consistent spam then warn and gag. Remember to unmute/ungag when you think they have served enough time.


    If you suspect someone of hacking, spectate them and gather evidence. If they are definite hacker still gather evidence. Ban accordingly and action can be taken. Genuine mistakes with hackers will not mean your a bad admin or get punished, but doing it just because someone is better than you will. There are distinct patterns in this.

    Most of the time people will just call someone a hacker because they are raging and a better player killed them, or a worse one got lucky. Just because someone says someone is hacking, does not make it just. Most people don't know what they are saying and will be wrong most of the time. You need to see it and gather evidence. The best evidence is a demo and can be uploaded with the ban of the hacker on our bans page. All regular - VG - admins have up to a two (2) week ban. A staff member will adjust the ban to permanent if proper evidence is supported.

    Racism, Discrimination, Trolling etc.
    It gets tough around here. You need to use your own discretion in these situations. You are fully permitted to do so. If someone calls someone a 'F*CKING N****R' then obviously, this is worthy of a warning or ban. If someone joins the server and says 'What's up nigga' then obviously no harm is meant by this.

    If someone is being personal, or really attacking someone then take action, if its banter, friendly and meant in light hearted ways then you need not intervene. Again, this is entirely at your discretion, but warn first.

    Prop breaking, barricade breaking, etc.
    Refer to the Structure for Punishments above.

    Punishing of Community Members
    When our members join they agree to abide our member conduct agreement. We hold our members in high regard but they must also be accountable to the same rules as everyone else. Therefore we will follow the same protocol in warning and banning our members. Keep in mind this looks bad in our community as we attempt to keep the peace and ensure a drama free environment. But, as a member they should already know what is acceptable and what is not. Therefore a second ban of a member will be grounds for removal from the community so banning should be done as a last resort action. Additionally if there is an issue with a member of the community then contact a staff member. Beware that we do check the admin logs.

    Please note that this is a guide. It is not set in stone and is liable to change. If we feel that you have violated or abused your admin then we reserve the right to remove your admin without refund. Most importantly remember, that another admin may have said what that player is doing/has done is fine - so don't punish too harshly. Take into account other players thoughts, feelings and complaints and what YOU think is the right thing to do.
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