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Reviewed Thank you 7th Sense - Admin Application

Discussion in 'Admin Applications' started by 7th Sense, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. 7th Sense

    7th Sense Member

    GameME Profile Link:
    What server would you like to become admin on?:
    Zombie Mod
    I have read and understand the admin guidelines/conduct linked above:
    Do you have a mic?:
    English is my main language or I can speak it fluently:
    I understand that I am responsible for anything done on my account:
    What do you expect your job to be as an admin?:
    To help everyone in need of assistance and make the server run smoothly and if there are any hackers, mic spammers, or chat spammers I will take action and do what is needed.
    What is the appropriate action needed for a mic/chat spammer?:
    Warn them in admin chat then if they still do not comply I will get their attention then eventually gag/mute them if they keep it up
    If you hear news there is a hacker, what actions would you take?:
    I will spectate the "hacker" for a while and if I see anything suspicious (aka speed hacking, no clipping, or etc.)I will ban for up to 2 weeks if necessary.
  2. 7th Sense

    7th Sense Member

    Please review this one and dont skip over it PLEASE im zeagans little brother
  3. Drac OPZ

    Drac OPZ All the Above and Beyond Community Manager

    According to your brother he feels as if you are not quite ready to handle that kind of responsibility, therefore for now this will be marked as reviewed. You can put another admin app in the future for review. Thanks!
  4. killa sodas - cherry coke

    killa sodas - cherry coke Murderer Server Manager

    Stay consistent with your playing on the VG server and try to show that you are ready for the responsibility. Good luck!

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